Free PHP Contact Form Generator with a MySQL Database

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The trend of utilizing the internet is not one that will be going out of fashion. For this reason many businesses have begun to adjust their methods of connecting with their consumers to optimize the information highway. One of the most essential methods is how information is stored about the consumer. Free PHP contact form generators easily assimilated into the coding of websites and can easily be connected to a MySQL database on the backend.

Websites are no longer effective if they are stagnant. The internet surfers of today demand that the websites be fully interactive, allowing the access to pertinent information easily garnered verses sifting through multiple pages. In addition, the ability for the browsers to leave their contact information on sites where they wish to be updated of new events in a secure manner is equally important.

PHP coding is a server based scripting language, which can be fully embedded into the HTML coding. This means that specific functions can be written in relative small amounts of code. Also that the execution time of these functions relies more on the capacity of the server verses the individual computer or mobile device on which the website is being viewed.

The contact form generators can be used to open a window where the individual viewing the website can enter in his or her email address and name. Conversely, the form generator can allow the owners of the website create a path for the viewers of the website to send direct emails without the owners having to directly display their email addresses. Many of the free patches that can be found through internet forums are very simple to integrate into the coding of the website.

Security is the reason why so many websites utilize this method. In addition, choosing a free PHP contact form generator that contains a CAPTCHA will ensure that all the submissions are from human begins instead of a program. CAPTCHA is the term given to the letters and numbers that appear in a distorted manner, that the viewer is asked to type below in a text box. This ensures those website are only receiving submissions from individuals who are genuinely in receiving further contact.

In fact, to eliminate those who have expressed an interest feeling that they are being spammed by the website, select a form generator form that has ‘Query type.’ Based on the different options that are available in the ‘Query type’ menu, the individual filling out the form can select the conditions under which he or she wishes to be contacted. If the ‘Query type’ menu is done is drop down format, then the user will only be able to select one. It is quite possible that the ability to select multiple options is needed in order to satisfy the user’s demands.

Another positive thing to look for is for the feedback box when the information has been successfully recorded. This could be in the form of an initial email to inform the owner of the email address that an interest in receiving this type of mails was expressed in connection with the email address.