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Streamline Metrics Has Been Selected as an SEO & PPC Agency on GetCredo

Posted by Patrick Smith

We are proud to announce that Streamline Metrics has been chosen as one of a select few marketing agencies on It is an honor to be included along with other highly reputable firms. John Doherty¬†(fellow JMU alum!), the founder of which later evolved into, has done a fantastic job of curating content […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Bid on Your Company Name or Brand Name in Google AdWords

Posted by Patrick Smith

Should you bid on your company name or brand name on Google AdWords? I am asked this same question all the time from many of our clients and it’s a logical question that I’m glad to answer. The short answer is yes, I strongly recommend bidding on your brand name in Google AdWords for several […]

Top Negative Keywords for B2B Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Posted by Patrick Smith

If you are running a pay-per-click campaign on Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo AdCenter, or any other PPC network to bid on Broad and/or Phrase match keywords without using Negative keywords, I can guarantee you are wasting a good chunk of your budget on keywords that will never convert into sales for your company or your clients. […]