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How A Search Engine Optimization Quote Can Help Your Business Grow in Richmond, VA

Posted by Patrick Smith

When you want to expand your presence online, selecting an SEO firm in Richmond, Virginia can be essential to your success. Receiving a search engine optimization quote can be the main determining factor as to whether a firm can assist you with accomplishing your aims. There are countless options available with regards to SEO firms. […]

Streamline Metrics Has Been Selected as an SEO & PPC Agency on GetCredo

Posted by Patrick Smith

We are proud to announce that Streamline Metrics has been chosen as one of a select few marketing agencies on It is an honor to be included along with other highly reputable firms. John Doherty¬†(fellow JMU alum!), the founder of which later evolved into, has done a fantastic job of curating content […]

Anyone Can Cook

Posted by Patrick Smith

Comparing Web Design Companies That Claim They Do SEO with Actual Search Engine Marketing Firms That Really Do So during a recent meeting with a potential client, they brought up that their current web company, who both designed their new website and was doing “SEO” for them, was sending them annual SEO reports that detailed […]

Streamline Metrics is Looking to Hire an SEO Specialist in Richmond, Virginia

Posted by Patrick Smith

That’s right, Streamline Metrics is hiring! In order to accommodate our rapidly growing client base, we are looking to hire an SEO Specialist to join our team. Below is the official job description that we’ve posted across the web: ————————————————– SEO Specialist in Richmond, Virginia A local search engine marketing company based in downtown Richmond, […]

Yahoo! Shuts Down GeoCities & Blows SEO Opportunities Worth Millions

Posted by Patrick Smith

Yahoo! purchased the popular free web hosting service GeoCities in 1999 for $3.57 Billion dollars in stock. And on October 26, 2009, Yahoo! shut down GeoCities for good. Any website on GeoCities that was not transferred to a new web host by Monday is gone forever. Granted, most sites built on GeoCities were festering eyesores […]

Google Caught Manually Changing Search Results for The White House

Posted by Patrick Smith

I caught this tweet from RustyBrick this morning: “Amazing, Google changes search results for White House”¬† The link points to an article on which explains how Google has appeared to have “made a change” to push a certain page on show up at the top of the search results for a specific […]