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Streamline Metrics Achieves Authority Status on SEOmoz

Posted by Patrick Smith

We are proud to announce that Streamline Metrics has achieved “Authority” status on moz, which is widely considered the most popular ¬†and influential website in the SEO industry. In order to achieve Authority status, one must accumulate 1,000+ mozPoints by writing high quality blog posts, making insightful comments on blog posts and/or providing useful answers […]

Streamline Metrics is Looking to Hire an SEO Specialist in Richmond, Virginia

Posted by Patrick Smith

That’s right, Streamline Metrics is hiring! In order to accommodate our rapidly growing client base, we are looking to hire an SEO Specialist to join our team. Below is the official job description that we’ve posted across the web: ————————————————– SEO Specialist in Richmond, Virginia A local search engine marketing company based in downtown Richmond, […]

Streamline Metrics Attains Recognition as a Qualified Google AdWords Advertising Professional

Posted by Patrick Smith

I am proud to say that I have been officially recognized as a Qualified Google Advertising (Google AdWords) Professional. In order to be recognized as a QGAP, the following requirements must be met: To become Qualified, this individual has: Accepted the terms of our program. Managed at least one AdWords account in a master account […]

Welcome to the New Streamline Metrics Website & Blog

Posted by Patrick Smith

After being in business for over a year and a half now, we are happy to finally announce the launch of the official Streamline Metrics website. One might think that an online marketing company would make sure the company website was up and ready before actually conducting business, but the truth is that we’ve been […]