One Simple Way to Increase Your Conversion Rate by 36.3%

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If you have a website and you are not constantly testing it, you are missing out on potential business. You are losing money. It’s as simple as that. With the advent of the easy-to-use and perhaps more importantly FREE testing tool Google Website Optimizer, there really is no excuse for not setting up split A/B or multivariate tests on your webpages in order to constantly improve conversion rates and ultimately increase your bottom line.

With GWO, you have the ability to test anything you could possibly think of (and I strongly encourage that you do). Even if you “just know” that the stock photograph of the attractive saleswoman will generate more leads than the overweight middle-aged man, you might be surprised that the data suggests otherwise. If the design and marketing departments are at each other’s throats about which color background to use, put it to the test and let the data speak for itself.

One recent A/B split test we set up for one of our lead generation clients produced some pretty eye-opening results. Since the original page was already converting at a solid 7.49%, we were only expecting a minor improvement, if at all. Especially since the only difference between the two pages was the text used on the submit button of the contact form. The original page had the generic text of “Submit” and the test page had “Get Quote Now.” That’s it.

After running the test for a month and a half, the original version had 854 visitors with 64 conversions for a conversion rate of 7.49% and the test version had 842 visitors with 86 conversions for a conversion rate of 10.2%, an increase of 36.3%! This is pretty significant. If each lead generates an average of $100 per lead, this comes out to $6,400 from the original version and $8,600 from the new version. If we had just decided to be satisfied with the 7.49% conversion rate, we would have been missing out on an extra $2,200. So the moral of the story, is to test, test, test!