Best Tips For Optimising Your Property
Listings For Seo

Do you need help to get your property listings seen by potential buyers or tenants? Do you want to increase the visibility of your properties and attract more viewing leads? 

By optimising your property listings for search engines, you can improve their ranking and increase their visibility on platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can also get your estate agency visible at the top of Google if someone types in a specific road name.

What do I mean? Well, let’s say Mrs Jones lives at 123 Happy Street, London, and you have her property for sale. If someone types in buy properties in Happy Street London, wouldn’t it make sense for your property to show above Rightmove or Zoopla?

Also, your probably wondering – well, if I sell that house in 1 week, there is no point in optimising it! But you couldn’t be further from the truth. What is one thing a potential seller does when considering selling their home? They type into Google, how much is my house worth? Or, they searched for sold property prices in Happy Street, London.

Imagine every one of your clients sees your optimised property in Google, on Google images and even optimised on Rightmove sold data (this is very tough, but we know how to do it). Which agent is that client calling first? This is why SEO is a long-term strategy for estate agents, and after a couple of years of thought-through strategy & work, the leads will be coming in. Don’t worry. SEO for estate agents isn’t that expensive! 

This article provides the best tips for optimising your property listings for SEO. From conducting keyword research to crafting compelling descriptions and titles, we’ll cover all the essential steps to boost your online presence. With our expert advice, you can leverage social media and other platforms for increased visibility and ultimately attract more clients to your property listings.

Table of Contents

Conducting Keyword Research for Your Property Listings

Create local & relevant Descriptions and Titles

Optimising Your Technical Data for Search Engines

Frequently Asked Questions about property listings on Google

How can I make sure my property listings appear on the first page of search engine results?

What are some common mistakes to avoid when optimising metadata for my property listings?

Are any specific keywords or phrases particularly effective for property listings?