Do Estate Agents Need To Optimise Their Property Images?

As an agent, your online presence is crucial in attracting potential sellers & landlords. And what’s the first thing that catches their attention? Your property images.

Why would a new client choose you over another agent if their images look better? 

But not only do your images have to look better, but they also have to load faster and be optimised with the correct titles to assist your property listing ranking high on Google.

This is why optimising your images for web use is essential to stand out from the competition. Image optimisation involves reducing the file size of your images without compromising their quality, allowing them to load faster on websites and mobile devices.

Doing this can improve user experience and increase engagement with your listings. But it’s not just about compression – incorporating relevant keywords is vital for image optimisation.

So, do estate agents need to optimise their property images? Let’s dive into why it matters and how you can do it effectively.

Table of Contents

The Importance of High-Quality Property Images for Real Estate Agents

Understanding Image Optimisation for Web Use

Frequently Asked Questions

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