How To Get Plumbing Leads With Facebook Ads

Are you a plumbing business looking for more leads? Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool to help you reach potential customers. They are an easy way to increase your visibility and get more leads from potential customers.

This article discusses the different types of Facebook Ads, their cost, and tips for creating effective ads to bring in more leads for your plumbing business.

So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

What are Facebook lead ads?

Plumber Facebook Leads

Why Should a plumber advertise on Facebook?

Should Plumbers Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook Lead Generation Steps

Types of Facebook Ads

Video adverts for plumbers

Lead Generation For Plumbers

Image adverts for plumbers

How much do Facebook ads cost?

Can I see my competitor's Facebook ads on the ad library?

Find Plumbing Adverts On Facebook Ad Library

Tips for plumbers looking to create Facebook ads

Target Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Retargeting With Facebook Ads

Detailed Interest Targeting

Broad Category Targeting

Custom Facebook Audiences

Include Images of plumbing projects

Create a Landing Page for Your Facebook Ad