Streamline Metrics Passes AdWords & Analytics Exams

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Streamline Metrics is proud to announce that Patrick Smith has passed all six Google AdWords PPC Exams (including Fundamentals) and the Google Analytics Certification to officially become a Google Partner in Richmond, Virginia.

Streamline Metrics has specialized in Google AdWords and Google Analytics for over a decade now, managing several million dollars in Ad Spend and generating significant results for our clients. Most of our clients are B2B and/or service based businesses that rely on us to produce the quantity and quality of their leads.

While a lot of SEO/PPC companies can identify which campaign generated a lead, it doesn’t end there. We wanted a solution to identify which individual lead could be tied to an actual sale so we could prove ROI. But at the time, there was no platform that did just that, so we decided to develop our own named Convertable. While it works for us internally, the WordPress plugin is gradually still under development so it is certainly not 100% bug-free. Hopefully we’ll will get to where the WP plugin is at least somewhat stable.

If you’re interested in what solutions Streamline can offer your business, contact us today!